Autocad Production Consulting

I can help your business streamline the production of architectural working drawings by setting up project databases, xrefs, layers, and sheet files. I can end your printing headaches by setting up standardized workflows and establishing a set of simple cad standards for all of your drafters to follow. I work with architects, contractors and developers to eliminate cad headaches and make projects more profitable and trouble free.  


I am an Autocad production expert with over 25 years of experience. As a licensed architect, I understand the complexities of working drawing production, and the importance of accurate, legible, comprehensive contract documents. I was an autocad super-user at Walt Disney Imagineering, and my autocad methodology follows the rigorous and efficient system I helped develop there.




CAD Database Set-up

This service is provided on a project by project basis, and is best retained at the very beginning of a project - the schematic design phase. Doing so ensures a clean and efficient drawing set from the outset, avoiding problems down the road. Includes properly laid out plan, section and elevation drawing files databases xrefed into sheet files with title-blocks. All drawings are cross-referenced using xrefs and contain AIA basic standard layers. Sheet files contain properly scaled text, associative dimensions, and symbols. Includes pen table for plotting. Sheets are guaranteed to plot to PDF format as delivered.

Cost: $1500 for a 24 x36 format 10 sheet database. Additional drawing files and sheets can be assembled for an hourly charge or a negotiated fixed fee.

Cad Standards Development
This service insures that your own internal or external drafting team works in a consistent and efficient manner. It covers file naming, location and backing up protocols. Layer naming and lineweight standards are included, as well xrefing rules, orthographic relationships between drawings, proper use of model and paper space, viewports, and the user coordinate system. Text sizing, cross referencing symbols and dimensioning standards are included. Fundamental cad drafting principles and rules are spelled out for consistent, accurate end results.

Cost: $2000 for a typical residential architecture practice with 1 to 10 employees. Cost for Cad Standards for larger practices or those dealing with more complex building types are negotiated as a fixed or hourly fee depending on the scope of work. 

Cad Drafting
I am available to pinch hit as a cad drafter if your firm finds itself in a production crunch. I am extremely proficient with autocad. I can do the work of five or six $25 per hour drafters each hour, as long as your database isn't a complete disaster. The work will be complete and accurate, or I'll redo it for free. (I always evaluate existing cad databases for accuracy and integrity prior to agreeing to work on them) 

Cost: $100 per hour, or a fixed fee negotiated for a set number of drawings or revisions. My half day rate (4 hour) rate is $350, and my day rate (8 hour ) is $600. I can work either off-site or in-house at your convenience.

CAD Database Trouble Shooting and Clean-up
Having trouble getting your drawings to plot? Lineweights driving you insane? Do xrefs mysteriously disappear? Do edits not show up in the final plot? Do some files mysteriously refuse to plot at all. Do the plot at the wrong scale? Do you have trouble finding files, or figuring out which drawings are current? Do your files run slowly or crash a lot? Is your text inconsistent? Do dimensions report inaccurate distances? Having trouble scaling dashed lines? Editing title blocks consistently? Are your professional fees being eaten up chasing never ending, frustrating cad problems that make you miss deadlines and lose credibility with clients?

I can fix it. Guaranteed.

Cost: $100 per hour, or a fixed fee negotiated for a specific project. My half day rate (4 hour) rate is $350, and my day rate (8 hour ) is $600. I can work either off-site or in-house at your convenience.

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