July 2014

This project was developed in collaboration with award winning designer Jenda Michel. The client desired to converted her garage into an artists studio and guest house. The renovation included a studio, sleeping loft, hot-tub, and deck remodel. The resulting design is both functional and playful.


January 2003

Another custom residence located in Mt. Washington, the R&R residence was located on a difficult hillside site with extremely difficult technical, structural and zoning code challenges to overcome. The result was a graceful structure nestled into the hillside conceptually like the Egyptian sculptures at Abu Simbel.


April 2006

This 1500 square foot 3 bedroom home was sited on a dramatic hillside in Mount Washington.  The client was a graphic designer who desired both privacy and the ability to entertain. The home is a study in relationships between public and private spaces.  Its rooms are carefully layered and interlocking. The home's super-structure frames a spectacular view of los Angeles upon entry. The deeper one moves into the home, the more private enclosed and intimate its spaces become. Its most private space of all is the master bedroom, which opens onto a small lanscaped courtyard. I blurred visual and spatial lines between inside and outside. This creates a subtle, calming relationship between the interior of the home and its natural setting. The entry sequence was especially important. Parking was at the bottom of the hill. The view was at the top. This meant climbing a set of stairs to gain entry. I transformed this inconvenience into an asset using a gently climbing path and stairway. The vertical separation created a clear distinction between city an home. The path became a scenic link, moving the owner gradually from the city to her home. Thus the home becomes a sanctuary from urban Los Angeles, as a garden in the sky.


January 1999

Walt Disney Imaginering's Tokyo Disney Seas was a 4 billion dollar project in Tokyo Japan. Construction was completed in 2001. I served as Architectural Job Captain on The Arabian Coast, a land within the park. With a budget of $250 million dollars, this was one of the most lavish and thematically complex parts of the park, and required the coordination of thousands of drawings from over 30 different disciplines. Construction went off without a hitch due to the accuracy and coordination of the drawing set I oversaw development on.

811 N Catalina Ave,
Suite 2306
Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County 90277

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